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A few Testimonials

I was at a talk you gave about the dangers of suppressing emotions, which struck a chord with me.

Initially, I came to see you about my continued struggle with grief around the death of my father. It very quickly became apparent that there were numerous other areas that needed addressing. 

  • I had an inferiority complex and compared myself unfavourably to others within my profession, which I no longer have.
  • I was bothered by other people’s opinions of me but now genuinely don’t care and am happy that I am who I am.
  • I had a big shift in how I see and react to people and situations
  • I’ve stopped projecting about the future and have learnt how to manage my expectations and those of others.
  • I am so much more confident.
  • I get less stressed.

I don’t waste time or energy trying to change things that are outside of my control. The sessions helped me become self-aware and understand myself better and as a result had a big impact on both my personal and professional lives.

R. Hirst - Sense Financial Services