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Meditation Downloads

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419 mins -

This is a guided meditation if you are feeling overwhelmed or overthinking a situation.

examA guided mediation for passing a written exam with affirmations

- 12mins 

gratitudeResearch has found that people who practice gratitude meditation regularly have lower blood pressure, better immunity and a generally improved mood.  - 12mins 


A meditation for working through a limiting/unhelpful belief with affirmations.  This is a self-empowering meditation.

- 10 mins

body image16mins

This meditation is ideally a pairing with the Positive Body Image meditation

original pinkBeen used for 100’s of years to heal relationships

5.20 minutes

pinklightA variation of the original technique which focuses on your relationship with yourself.  

 - 8 mins

boostA package of two including affirmations - ideal to do with the Pink Light technique for self-love 

 - 12mins

This meditation comes as a package including the Ideal Weight meditation.

sleep Designed to send you to sleep

- 18mins

drivingMeditation talks you through the test and includes affirmations

- 13mins