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A few Testimonials

My work situation changed to the stage I was feeling overwhelmed, snowed under, dreading going to work, misinterpreting what people were telling me, thinking that the world was against me, and generally not coping well.

I was desperately unhappy and decided to work with Jane, who has changed my life. It was the best thing I have ever done.

She helped me understand my emotions and feelings and taught me techniques to deal with them. 

Thank you, Jane, for enabling me to go to work, feeling confident and happy.  I love my work again and no longer dread Sundays and it’s made me happier than I’ve ever been. 

L Cooper



“The Registration Service team gained valuable insight into our own internal and external reactions when faced with resistance. Thanks to Jane Keogh we learned specific strategies for applying that insight toward working more successfully through others’ resistance to ideas/suggestions — What we gained from the workshop had immediate relevance to our work and encouraged us to think in new ways about our interactions with colleagues and customers at key stages within their lives.”

North Yorkshire County Council – Registration Service


I was at a talk you gave about the dangers of suppressing emotions, which struck a chord with me.

Initially, I came to see you about my continued struggle with grief around the death of my father. It very quickly became apparent that there were numerous other areas that needed addressing. 

  • I had an inferiority complex and compared myself unfavourably to others within my profession, which I no longer have.
  • I was bothered by other people’s opinions of me but now genuinely don’t care and am happy that I am who I am.
  • I had a big shift in how I see and react to people and situations
  • I’ve stopped projecting about the future and have learnt how to manage my expectations and those of others.
  • I am so much more confident.
  • I get less stressed.

I don’t waste time or energy trying to change things that are outside of my control. The sessions helped me become self-aware and understand myself better and as a result had a big impact on both my personal and professional lives.

R. Hirst - Sense Financial Services


Video Testimonials

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