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About Jane
If you have reached this point, it is likely that you want to change something for either yourself or your team. My focus is YOU and your outcomes, to help you make the changes that you want, implementing a range of skills I use successfully with clients and also in my own personal development journey.


What makes me uniquely able to help you?

My whole life I have been drawn to helping people.

  • I am 100% focussed on helping you succeed

  • I have a non-judgmental, confidential and gentle approach that creates a safe environment for discussion and change

  • My clients tell me that I am warm, compassionate, encouraging, supportive, & caring

  • I have made the changes I wanted to see in my world

  • I use a wide range of tools & techniques that are simple but effective and will help you

painLike many people, I have had many challenges in my life. The not so unfamiliar volatile upbringing, violence, abuse, rape, traumatic sudden and untimely death of my brother, unhealthy relationships which lead to low self-esteem and confidence, which I disguised under a bravado of fake confidence/arrogance to ignore and bury the hurt.

I was in constant pain, numbing it through distractions and denial and when it got too much, projecting it on to others.or I bulldozed my way through the pain, intent on building the perfect life. In fact on reflection, life hadn’t been effortless, it had been a hard slog trying to control every aspect and I was fragile from the sheer effort of trying to create a seemingly perfect life.

But I did it. I had it all…. Or so I thought.

I had accumulated all the things that, according to society define a successful and happy life.  Don’t get me wrong, I appreciated the life I had and have memories of phenomenal experiences, but aside from the children, it seemed empty and meaningless. I was deeply unhappy and it felt like there was a huge gaping hole inside of me. All the ‘stuff’ that I thought would make me happy didn’t.  I had spent my entire life avoiding my deep-rooted emotional baggage and it had caught up with me.  I was terrified, angry, anxious, frustrated, sad and hurt. I didn’t know who I was or what I wanted and I felt alone and lost.

jane keogh

I realised that I needed to find the courage to face the pain so that I could find my way to happiness.  I have always wanted to help people, and I had always had the ability to see and sense hurt in others, but I had to develop compassion and empathy for myself first.

I trained in various therapies to work through my own emotional map. This painful but enlightening personal journey has given me a deep level of understanding and empathy to work with my clients. 

For years I’d felt as if I had been wearing a mask. Gradually peeling back the layers, getting to know who I really was, and reconnecting with my intuition enabled me to fully step into the real, free-spirited, fearless and authentic me and for the first time in my life went from living on the outside (trying to fix it)  to truly belonging - to myself.

It's an Inside Job

The focus is on inner work with clients, where we look at recognising patterns of behaviour, thought patterns, limiting beliefs, conditioning, stressors, motivators, improving communication skills, and learning how to reconnect with your passion and purpose. We also look at retraining the mind to give you new perspective and clarity - when the mind is relaxed everything else is relaxed.

You will be familiar with the concept of installing software updates on your mobile devices and laptops?

I help you update your own internal software to ensure you perform at your very best in all situations whether this be in your business or personal life.

I focus on inner work with clients where we look at recognising patterns of behaviour, limiting beliefs, conditioning, strengths and motivators, improving communication skills, and learning how to reconnect with your passion and purpose. How? Using a wealth of business expertise and experience, incorporating approaches from the worlds of Emotional Competence, (HSE) Neuro Linguistic Programming and DiSC® behavioural profiling. We focus on your outcomes to get you the changes YOU want.



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I was at a talk you gave about the dangers of suppressing emotions, which struck a chord with me.

Initially, I came to see you about my continued struggle with grief around the death of my father. It very quickly became apparent that there were numerous other areas that needed addressing. 

  • I had an inferiority complex and compared myself unfavourably to others within my profession, which I no longer have.
  • I was bothered by other people’s opinions of me but now genuinely don’t care and am happy that I am who I am.
  • I had a big shift in how I see and react to people and situations
  • I’ve stopped projecting about the future and have learnt how to manage my expectations and those of others.
  • I am so much more confident.
  • I get less stressed.

I don’t waste time or energy trying to change things that are outside of my control. The sessions helped me become self-aware and understand myself better and as a result had a big impact on both my personal and professional lives.

R. Hirst - Sense Financial Services



My work situation changed to the stage I was feeling overwhelmed, snowed under, dreading going to work, misinterpreting what people were telling me, thinking that the world was against me, and generally not coping well.

I was desperately unhappy and decided to work with Jane, who has changed my life. It was the best thing I have ever done.

She helped me understand my emotions and feelings and taught me techniques to deal with them. 

Thank you, Jane, for enabling me to go to work, feeling confident and happy.  I love my work again and no longer dread Sundays and it’s made me happier than I’ve ever been. 

L Cooper