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Your personal development and growth are key to you achieving everything you want in your life
Do you suffer from lack of confidence?
Self belief? Anxiety?
Frustration? Anger?
Do you overthink?
Feel stuck? Suffer from insomnia
Are you stressed?
Feeling overwhelmed?
Are you getting the results you want
both personally and professionally?
Are you unhappy but can't put your finger on why?
Make a Change
Anxiety, frustration, fear of conflict, worry, and insecurity are all stress factors that undermine motivation, feed insecurities, reduce effectiveness and stunt business potential.

The good news is that you don’t have to continue to feel this way.

Read below and see if any of these hit a nerve with you.
Self-confidence and positive self-esteem can be learnt. It is simple but not always easy as it takes time to build new habits and behaviour.
Be more confident and transform your life.

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By working with me you will learn
to understand the underlying causes and triggers and help you manage unhelpful stress in a completely new way. It will change your life.

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Recovering from a significant emotional loss is not an easy task. Taking steps that lead to recovery requires you to have an open mind and courage. Take that first step with me.

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Loneliness can be overcome.
It does require a conscious effort on your part to make a change, but I can help you and in the long run, you can be happier and healthier



Your people are the driving force behind your business and can be your greatest asset.
They can also be your biggest nightmare.


Teams & Leadership

The solutions to these challenges are simple and effective and I can show you how.
NB - The thought of change is often worse than the reality.



Jane's Top Tips for a Confidence Boost

In addition to One-to-One working, Jane also works with Groups in an office or Workplace setting.

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What makes Me uniquely able to helpyou?

My whole life I have been drawn to helping people and I have made the changes I wanted to see in my world. Read how I became the real, free-spirited, fearless and authentic me using a wide range of tools & techniques.
Blog. What's Happening.
In a world with so much negativity, my articles focus on finding the positives in even the worst situation.

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  • Because You're Worth It +


    People often ask me how I stay so positive all of the time.

    My response is this: I am usually positive, but my positivity levels vary, so I work on myself. When I say that I work at it, I don't mean that I try to be positive, I am naturally positive, always have been, even in the most adverse of circumstances. I think I have always intuitively known that being positive is better for my mental health.

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  • Are You Ready to Be the Change? +


    I made the choice in December 2016 that I was going to make 2017 a very different year. I have never been so ready to embrace change and knew that nothing would deter me from my objective. I was going to take my tool box and use the tools in a new way. Instead of reaching for them when I needed them, I was going to use them to prevent feeling stress and burnout.

    There were also some other tweaks that I had been thinking about implementing for a while but never felt brave enough.

    I was curious about how life would be if I decided not to drink for 12 months. Truthfully, the very idea scared me, but honestly my relationship with alcohol wasn't as healthy as I liked to think it was. I typically would only drink at weekends unless I was on holiday or there was a special occasion, but from time to time the weekend extended to Thursday nights. I knew deep down that I was using alcohol as a distraction or avoidance tactic. On top of which I didn't like the effect it had on my mental well-being.

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  • What Kind of Relationship Do You Have with Yourself? +


    The relationship you have with yourself is the most important relationship of all.

    When we realise that the relationship that we’ve been having with ourselves is toxic, we become aware that many of our relationships with other people are mirrored and take on similar patterns. You cannot have a healthy relationship with anyone whilst you harbour a toxic relationship with self.

    The belief that you are good enough isn’t something that anyone can give you. It starts by becoming aware of the problem - developing self-awareness. Then we can observe and reframe the relationship by changing our thoughts and behaviour. 

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