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New beginings

Think about where you were this time last year. Can you remember all the things that worried you so much at the time, that no longer consume your mind, energy and time?

Perhaps you were stressing about what this year would bring, the unexpected challenges and problems; the frustrations; the highs and the lows; the things you never thought you would accomplish but did?

All those things that are worth being grateful for; all the lessons, the growth, the pain, the joy, the highs and the lows, all reminders that after everything that happens in life, that you are going to be ok and that to date you have survived 100% of your worst times.

A new year can invoke a range of emotions and feelings.  There tends to be a focus on new beginnings and change. But remember, changes can be introduced anytime when they are needed. If something isn’t right or is not working, then it’s time to consider a change.

It’s very easy to be affected by what’s going on around you. Other people’s problems, attitudes, and what’s reportedly going on in the world, weigh heavily on the negative side. Negativity is catching and spreads like wildfire.  The after effects can be devastating, spilling into every area of your life.

Keep your focus on what you DO want. Do more of the stuff that makes you happy. It’s surprising how we can get caught up in the material world, when in reality some of the simplest things in life, give us the greatest joy.

But typically, we allow the ‘busy’ness of our work/businesses to take over, and we become preoccupied, stressed and tired which affects the quality of our relationships. Through distraction, we then ignore the people/things that are most important to us.

Any real change comes when we recognise that we have to work on our inner transformation. To examine ourselves openly, honestly, vulnerably and to face and get good at releasing emotional blocks and triggers.

It helps to enter into a new year with a new mindset, especially if you have had a challenging time for whatever reason.  Creating a whole new daily ritual that includes ‘me’ time (especially good for busy people), set aside time for exercise, as well as food planning and prep time so that you can eat healthily and time out for massage and reflection. Create date nights, quality family time and make time for new experiences and adventures.  Set great intentions, and choose to be happy.

The impact of making small tweaks are huge to personal wellbeing as well as business growth.

  • Better quality sleep
  • More energy
  • More focus and clarity
  • More productivity
  • A healthier relationship with yourself and others
  • Business improves
  • You will feel happier, calmer and more peaceful

Remember not to take ANYTHING for granted. Instead,  appreciate what you have in whatever form, and to look for the good and focus more on that.

  • Remember that you are doing so much better than you may give yourself credit for – pause to appreciate victories, however big or small.
  • You have the freedom to live your life the way you want to live it – you have choices.
  • Courageously walk your own path – you have to do what’s right for YOU.
    Accept what you can’t change and move on.
    Get really clear on your purpose/vision/why. See and act as if you already have achieved it.
  • Be grateful for what you do have, let go of focusing on what you don’t have.

Time is your most precious commodity - don't look back with regret.


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Stop judging yourself
by what happens to your in life, so you're not basing your confidence on outside events.
Forgive yourself
and others for past mistakes. Harbouring old grudges takes up a lot of time and energy which you could be using in more productive ways.
Learn to think differently
When you fall into self-criticism, notice them and change them to positive thoughts.
Set goals/outcomes
on the basis of what you can realistically achieve, and then work step-by-step to develop your potential. Acknowledge small achievements which take you closer to your end outcome.
Emphasise your strengths
Focus on what you can do rather than what you cannot.
self-confidence and self-esteem are learnt behaviour, and with practice can be built.